Dr. Samia El-Guindy obtained her Ph.D in Land Reclamation from Martin Luther University, Germany (1976). Currently, Dr. El-Guindy is an Emeritus Professor in the National Water Research Center, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt and Director of the Egyptian Dutch Advisory Panel Project on Water Management / APP. She participated in various events of ICID and also served as member of

workbodies. She received the prestigious Egyptian National Award in Agriculture Science (Soil and Water Science) in the year1986 and Certificate of Honour from H.E. President Hosny Mobarak in 1990. Dr. El-Guindy has published over 200 reports, which includes journal articles and scientific researches in the different fields of water management. She holds membership in the Egyptian and Global Water Partnership as well as many other national professional organizations and scientific associations.

Dr. (Mrs.) Samia El-Guindy

Vice President Of ICID

Elected From Egypt 2008 2011