Dr. El-Atfy, born January 1949, obtained Master's Degree and Ph.D. in Water Resources Management from Cairo University. He started has career as Civil Engineer, Ministry of Defence (1971-1975) and worked in various capacities as Civil Engineer, Design Office, the Egyptian Public Authority for Drainage Projects (1975-1977); Assistant Director of Works, Drainage Research Institute, Water Research Centre, Ministry

of Public Works and Water Resources (1977-1980); Technical Assistant, The International Center of Hydrology, Padova, Italy (1980-1983); Director of Works, Drainage Research Institute (1983-1987); Drainage Expert, Integrated Soil and Water

Improvement Project (Egyptian-Canadian Project) (1987-1991); Head of Covered

Drainage Division and Director of the Pilot Area and Drainage Technology Project

(Egyptian-Dutch Project) (1988-1991); Deputy Director, Drainage Research Institute

(1991-1995); Secretary General, National Water Research Centre (1995-1997); Under Secretary of State for Minister's Office Affairs, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (1997-2000).

Dr. El-Atfy is associated with several professional committees, such as Syndicate of Engineers, Irrigation Society of Egypt, Steering Committee for Water and Land Policies, Steering Committee for Water Boards Project, etc.

Dr. El-Atfy is involved with several ICID workbodies and is Chairman of WT-WATS

since 2001. He has published more than 30 papers in different journals and proceedings and authored the Book of "Land Drainage in Egypt".

At present Dr. El-Atfy is Sector Head, Minister's Technical Office, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt and Secretary of Egyptian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ENCID).

Dr. Hussein Ehsan El-Atfy

Vice President Of ICID

Elected From Egypt 2004 2007