Dr. Amer holds B.Sc. Civil Engineering, M.Sc. in Irrigation, Ph.D. He is

Director, Drainage Research Institute, Water Research Centre, Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources, Cairo. He has earlier served as drainage expert and project manager in FAO; as irrigation and drainage consultant in FAO and ILO; and as visiting Professor of hydraulics,

drainage and groundwater. He has acted as Secretary of the Egyptian National Committee for Irrigation and Drainage (ENCID) during the years 1969-1971 and 1977-1984, and later as President, ENCID. He has authored more than 30 technical papers and two books in the field of irrigation and drainage. He was Vice President of ICID from 1989-1992.

Dr. M.H. Amer

Vice President Of ICID

Elected From Egypt 1989-1992