Born on June 13, 1912. Dr. M.A. Selim was educated in Cairo Public

School and graduated with top honours from Giza Engineering College Cairo University in May 1935 when he joined the Irrigation Service, the most important of Public Works in Egypt then. In 1937 he joined the Teaching Staff of his old college. In 1938 he was selected to go on a scholarship mission to the United States, where he got his Master's and Doctor's Degree in Irrigation from the University of California,

Berkeley. From May 1941 to July 1943 he was Instructor, Mechanical Engineering

Department. He later visited and worked on all big Western American Irrigation, Drainage, Large Dams and Power Projects, where he gained much experience and as a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, made many friends. On his return to Egypt he was Assistant and then Professor of Engineering in 1951. In 1952 he was Secetary General of the Production Council constituted to study and carry out all production schemes and projects, of which the High Aswan Dam is the Major Project to which Dr. Selim was entrusted with the studies, investigations, negotiations, design and construction till the day he passed away. During that long period, he was either a Technical Consultant, or a Director of many Scientific Institutions and Industrial concerns including the Suez Canal Authority from 1956 to 1962 and the Arab Committee of the Jordan River Projects. He was also President of the Egyptian Federation of Industries, Chairman of the Egyptian Society of Engineers and President of the UAR Organization of Chemical Industries. As a Secretary General to the UAR National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage and Grands Barrages, he attended many Congresses and Executive Meetings of ICOLD and ICID and took active part in their sub-committees.

Dr. M.A Salim

Vice President Of ICID

Elected From Egypt 1966-1969